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Expunge Oregon Convictions Easier in 2022

Major changes to Oregon's expungement laws began on January 1, 2022.

ORS 137.225, Oregon's expungement law, makes it much easier to expunge set aside convictions and seal criminal records. It is also less expensive.

  1. There is no longer a filing fee

  2. Owing fines related to the criminal conviction is no longer a bar to expungement

  3. Class B felony convictions (non person) may be expunged/set aside after 7 years

  4. Class C felony convictions may be expunged/set aside after 5 years

  5. Class A misdemeanors may be expunged/set aside after 3 years

  6. Class B and C misdemeanors and contempt of court may be expunged/set aside after 1 year

  7. The court may not consider nonpunitive civil liability, monetary obligations and motor vehicle violations.

  8. The 10-year look back rule is no longer the law

  9. Criminal history data providers may not report obsolete. If they do, violations will be an unlawful trade practice, subject to civil $$ penalties.

Contact Lake Perriguey at 503.227.1928 or to expunge your criminal conviction from you record

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