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Lake Perriguey Attorney Law Works Portland Oregon


Law Works strives to provide outstanding legal services in all areas of expertise.

Our firm is endorsed by clients and colleagues alike.

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What Clients Say


I am careful with money, and lawyers are expensive. I brought Mr. Perriquey a seemingly complex set of documents for review. Lake took the time to make me understand his informed opinion. Mr. Perriguey took the time to understand my uninformed concerns. While Lake's efforts are painstaking, he is also efficient. In summary, Mr. Perriguey provides value far in excess of his fees.


My husband and I found ourselves having to sue a family member over real estate. It was just awful for us. We had never needed an attorney before, so we didn't even know where to start! With a cold call I found Lake. Wow did we get lucky! Lake provided us with guidance and integrity throughout the process which was quite complicated. He explained the lawsuit process clearly to ensure that we understood how it all works. He filed all the documents through the court and corresponded with the opposing attorney in a timely manner. He also made himself available to me when I was feeling especially low, making me feel better. We were able to work out a deal that worked for both us and our relative. We are so grateful to Lake for getting us through this!


Do Not Look Any Further  |  David

I was extremely lucky to have Lake representing me for the dissolution of a partnership (domestic) of 13.5 years. My partner and I were not married and I was unaware that I had any legal rights when we decided to split but after a consultation and subsequent hiring of Lake, I was able to leave the relationship with enough money and soundness of mind to feel good about moving on with my life. What more could I ask for? Lake's knowledge of the law and professional demeanor belie his affordable and fair fee structure. I highly recommend having Lake on your side!

A True Advocate for Justice  |  Dr. Teresa

Lake is truly the best attorney; he's priceless! Her took my case, uncharted legal precedent, and put hours of research and investigation into developing an irrefutable case for me. He was ALWAYS available to answer questions and provide guidance regardless of the time of day. Lake doesn't just litigate the issues, he truly is an Advocate for justice. I owe my life to him.


I hired Mr. Perriguey to assist my son and our family with a name and gender change for our son. The court system was not at all easy to navigate and wouldn't help me directly with what we wanted done. I reached out to Mr. Perriguey and heard back from him almost instantly. He was extremely accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process. I felt as though he had our best interests at heart and I feel confident I couldn't have navigated this issue without him.

The Rock Star of Legal Representation


Other lawyers said no. Other lawyers were fearful of taking me on as their client. Other lawyers didn't know what to do or how to do it in order for me to be victorious in court with a unique transgender civil rights issue. Lake believed in me. Lake didn't judge me. Lake didn't fear the size of the fight we were about to unleash. Lake not only made me world famous. Lake won my case, made history, and corrected an injustice done to me. For that I am forever grateful. Don't settle for less elsewhere.


What Our Clients Say

Attorney Endorsements

Colin Hackett

Relationship: Opposing Counsel on Matter

James is obviously an outstanding lawyer. I would absolutely recommend him.

Randy Collins
Relationship: Other

James Perriguey has proven to be an especially efficient ally in the courtroom. When clients come to us in search of experienced representation in Oregon, we refer them to James.

F. Capriotti

I endorse Lake without hesitation. I first met him when I was his Law Professor. He was always well prepared and asked though provoking questions which occasionally challenged my knowledge of the law. After graduation he asked me to collaborate on a few matters and his attention to detail and concern for clients was immediately evident. I have referred cases to him and will continue to do so.

Collin McKean

Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

I endorse Mr. Perriguey. He's a sharp legal advocate and in my experience (handling matters opposite of Mr. Perriguey) his case presentation skills and passion are of great benefit to his clients' legal positions.

Stephen Flinn

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Mr. Perriguey is an exceptional attorney and a leader in the legal profession. His many years of experience and a fierce commitment to seeking justice for all of his clients is why I highly recommend Mr. Perriguey.

Richard Oberdorfer

Lake is smart, thorough, and it's clear he cares about his clients.

MacDaniel Reynolds

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Lake's willingness to take on challenging cases and to think outside the box has consistently impressed me.

Attorney Endorsements
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