Representing all families, including gay, lesbian, and trans families, in divorce, premarital & relationship agreements, child & spousal support and related matters.

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Assisting people who experience discrimination by businesses, employers, and the government, including gay, lesbian, transgender, race and gender claims.

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Injury Claims

Advocating for clients injured by someone else's negligence, mistake or intentional acts.

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Criminal Defense

Excellent and vigorous legal defenses for DUI, sex crimes, assault & battery and fraud.

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Wage Claims

Recovering overtime, vacation pay, late final paychecks, training hours and intern pay.

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Assisting in the formation, operation, disputes and division of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

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Copyright & Trademark

Protecting, enforcing, and licensing trademarks and copyrights for artists and businesses.

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Experienced Advocacy. Creative Solutions.
Proven Results.

Law Works LLC is a full service law firm in historical downtown Portland. Lake Perriguey works to bring the best representation to the client.

Lake Perriguey represents clients in a variety of practice areas. Law Works LLC will work toward offering you the best representation possible within the scope of our practice, or, if necessary, will refer you to an associated specialist to meet your legal concern.

• Attorney client relationships are based on trust and communication, with the client's needs of primary importance.
• Clients and others involved with a legal matter will be treated with respect.
• Clients will be provided concise and useful advice, with an appreciation for cost efficiency without sacrificing goals.